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Family Focus 'No Fear Shakespeare' Workshop

ff shakespeare febThis popular activity is run by Mr Long (English Department). He has a passion for English and likes to incorporate drama into the workshop as well. Parents and children took part in a workshop focussed around Henry V. They were encouraged to act out some scenes and everyone really had lots of fun, whilst absorbing Shakespeare; a subject which can sometimes can feel quite intimidating. Congratulations to you all. You really embraced the whole activity, learnt something new, but more importantly had fun and worked in a classroom with your children.

We really enjoy meeting you all, and of course a big thank you to all of our teachers and community partners who run these workshops for us.

Family Focus Astronomy Workshop

ff astronomy FebOver 70 people took part in the very popular Family Focus Astronomy workshop. This workshop is run by the Science Department and one of our community partners, Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group (CNAAG), led by Robin Smitten.

During the workshop our partnership families rotated around 3 workshops each focussing on a particular aspect

•Using fruit and sweets, our families built a scale model of the solar system.
•Using a 50cm ruler and two lenses our families built a simple refracting telescope, this showed how magnification is achieved by increasing the apparent angle of an object.
•Using CNAAGs and CNSs telescopes families were able to see Jupiter and three of its moons. What an amazing sight!

It was a great night, and I know that parents and children alike take great delight in being able to observe our wonderful night sky and see things that are way beyond our reach. Our teachers also gave families a brief understanding of the solar system and how a telescope actually works. Thank you so much to Chipping Norton Science Department teachers and CNAAG; your hard work is much appreciated.

Year 3 & 4 Ball Skills Festival

yr34 ballskills festWhat a wonderful afternoon the Year 3 & 4s had at CNS Sports Hall! They took part in a festival led by Year 11 Sports Leaders which focussed on developing their throwing and catching skills. Enstone, Great Tew, Charlbury, Chadlington, Middle Barton and Kingham Schools all came along and every pupil took part. They were all split into country groups, mixing and supporting their peers and children they have not met before, but soon working together and taking part.

The Festival finished with a Benchball Competition; the noise level was loud, but what a great atmosphere with a fierce sense of competition.

The winning team was Spain, so well done to all those who were in that team; but equally well done to you all.

Of course, as always a big thank you to all of our Year 11 Sports Leaders for their hard work and planning, and all the teachers who work so hard to support the children and bring the festivals together.

Year 4 & 5 Able Gifted and Talented Art Workshop

agt art workshopThirty of our Primary Partnership pupils came to Chipping Norton School and took part in the Able Gifted and Talented Art Workshop run by Mrs Corley and Ms Ashton.

The pupils were split into groups and each given a name of an artist: Miro, Monet, Kandinsky, Dali and Chagall. Before the activity started our Art teachers talked to the children about the artists and gave them a brief overview. The pupils were encouraged to listen to music and design a lantern.

Each one was unique as the designs came from their imagination. Everyone worked hard, and concentrated to make the right cuts to create their lanterns. At the end of the workshop, everyone had designed and made not one, but two or three lanterns which they proudly took home to show their parents and teachers.

Well done to you all, you all worked so hard and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Extra Time CREST Award Year 7-9 Science Club

crest science clubThe CREST Award Science Club, run by Miss Wearden (Maths Department) and Mrs Della (Science Department) encourages students to learn about aerodynamics, scientific investigation and engineering. Students create their own online workbook and work towards a Bronze CREST Award.

Last week the students were privileged to have guest speaker David Sullivan, a Chartered Engineer from Jaguar Landrover , explain how vital aerodynamics is to the manufacture of Formula One cars and aeroplanes. The STEM group learned about testing conditions used to evaluate different structures and how mathematical modelling is used in modern designs.

Thank you so much to Mr Sullivan for taking the time to come and speak to our students. They really enjoyed it. The subject was very interesting and will aid their progress towards their CREST Award.

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