Life in Year 7

    Jessica 7EG (2016)


    When I found out I was coming to Chipping Norton School, I was really excited.  I was the kind of girl who didn’t find anything scary; or thought she didn’t find anything scary.  But I soon became more nervous at the thought of going to a school a lot bigger than mine, with no friends from my primary school.  Nerves grew, but on the first day I realised, how could I be scared of a school?  I knew it was new and different but that is good.  Life is full of new starts and this is one of them.  I had finished one chapter of my life and started a new one.  Now I take all the challenges this school throws at me in my stride.


    There are so many different activities here.  I attend a Healthy Cooking Club which is a really fun club where everyone gets to cook some amazing dishes, then eat them with their friends.  There are also many sports clubs, revision clubs and everything in between.


    Away from clubs there are many different and varied subjects.  My favourite is Maths because of all the different things we cover.  Design and Technology is great fun as we got straight in, didn’t dilly-dally over planning, though we did do a bit of planning.  Also Dance and Drama are really fun, though they seem quite similar at first, they are very different and completely unlike anything I did at primary school.


    Another considerable change from primary school is the number and scale of resources.  There are computers everywhere - that can be used at break and lunch time for homework.  The Science labs are something else!  From gas taps, Bunsen burners, fume extractor cupboards to clamps, chemicals and danger everywhere, though of course, nothing goes wrong!


    I really enjoy Chipping Norton School and I think you will too.  It is very welcoming and the whole place is full of nice friendly people.  This is my school now.  I LOVE IT HERE.

    Chipping Norton School is an academy managed by the River Learning Trust, which is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with a registered company number 7966500 Registered Office: The Cherwell School, Marston Ferry Road, Oxford, OX2 7EE, United Kingdom.