Psychology is the study of mind, behaviour and experience and this course offers a demanding but interesting opportunity to explore the scientific study of brain and behaviour. Diverse teaching methods ensure that all learning styles are catered for. Our aim is for each student to develop both subject knowledge and confidence within the world of Psychology. Universities consider Psychology a science subject and it is one of the most popular undergraduate courses - leading to careers in Criminology, Education, HM Prison Service, or with further study, Clinical and/or Forensic Psychology. The Criminal Justice System encourages employees at all levels to have some understanding of Psychology. Studying Psychology will enable you to develop critical thinking and debating skills and provide you with a springboard to a diverse range of employment opportunities. GCSE grade C or above in English, Science and Maths required. An enquiring and curious mind is essential.

    Key Stage 5 (AS and A2 Level)

    Unit 1 - Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and research methods
    Unit 2 - Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and Individual differences
    Unit 3 - Topics in Psychology – (3) from Gender, Aggression, Eating Behaviour, Intelligence, Biological rhythms and sleep.
    Unit 4 - Psychopathology, Psychology in Action and Research

    There is no coursework element to the study of Psychology; we follow the AQA syllabus which is determined by examination only. You will take two exams after year 12 and two exams after yr13.

    Unit 1 - Written paper 1hr 30 min 50% AS and 25% A2
    Unit 2 - Written paper 1hr 30 min 50% AS and 25% A2
    Unit 3 - Written paper 1hr 30 min 25% A2
    Unit 4 - Written paper 2hr 25% A2

    Topics studied at AS Level

    Unit 1

    • Cognitive Psychology concentrating on Memory, Eye Witness Testimony and techniques for improving memory
    • Developmental Psychology including early social development, attachment and the impact of day care on children's development

    Unit 2

    • Biological Psychology, including stress, its management and its causes
    • Social Psychology including influence, obedience and independent behaviour. We examine the nature of psychological abnormality, its causes and therapies

    Topics studied at A2 Level

    Unit 3

    • In depth look at various topics in Psychology, including three topics from biological
    • rhythms, sleep states, perception, aggression, relationships, gender, intelligence and learning.
    • Psychological approaches,  debates and explanations and treatments for eating behaviours and eating disorders

    Unit 4

    • Psychopathology including explanations of diagnosis and treatment of Schizophrenia, Depression or an Anxiety disorder.


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