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Mr Simon Parker
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Work Experience 2018

The dates for work experience for Year 10 for the academic year 2017-18 are 2 – 6 July  2018. We feel that this is a great opportunity for students to experience the world of work.  Year 12 are expected to do a work placement during any of their holidays.

Chipping Norton School subscribes to the Oxfordshire Work Experience (OWE) system where all student placements are checked to ensure safeguarding of students. Please be aware that, should a student choose to do a placement that is outside of Oxfordshire, OWE make a charge of £30 to check that the company adheres to OCC Health & Safety requirements. The payment for this charge is the responsibility of parents, and parents will need to pay this charge when the placement is booked.

OWE also provide the school with a database called Link 2, which students can access to search for jobs in all areas. Each student will be  issued with a personal login name and pin number when they have completed and returned the Initial Student Form below.

This year we have moved over to an online system for the completion of all forms. 

Initial Student Form:

Student Placement Form:

Careers website and information

Year 9, 10 and 11

Login and then open your year group folder in
Username and password: careercns

Sixth Form

Sixth Form students use the careers programme  The login is 62229.

All information concerning UCAS, Open Days, Gap Years, Volunteering, Job Seeking and College Courses can be found in the Year 12 & 13 folders in .
Username and password is: careercns