History is a popular subject at all levels with good uptake at GCSE and A level. We have 2 specialist History teachers who teach classes from year 7 through to year 13. We offer fieldwork/enrichment study days from years 7-13 and a residential World War 1 battlefields visit to Belgium.

Key Stage 3

Here the approach is enquiry led through key History questions to support developing research skills for the research/enquiry units at GCSE and A2 exam courses.

Year 7

  • Norman Conquest
  • Medieval life & the impact of the 14thC. Black Death
  • King John- the job of a Medieval king.
  • Medieval Church & the death of Thomas Becket
  • Elizabeth 1, the Reformation and the wider world
  • Cromwell – the making of History interpretations.

Year 8

  • This year has 2 main learning themes looking at Empires and the role of political action in Britain.
  • Roman Empire and the province of Britain
  • The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  • The impact of Industrialisation in late18th-early 19thC Britain
  • Ireland Divided –why was 1916 a key year?
  • The Suffragettes, how did women campaign for the right to vote?

Year 9

  • The theme for this year is the impact of war
  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • The Holocaust
  • US Civil Rights
  • Cold War interpretations

Key Stage 4

Students study the School's History project which consists of independent units of History content mostly from the 20thC.

Year 10 students study 2 units on the development of Medicine through time from the Ancient period to the present day.

Year 11 students study an enquiry unit on the Impact of the World Wars on Britain for their controlled assessment tasks and a final unit called a depth Study on Germany c.1919-45.

25% Controlled Assessment – 75% examination.

Key Stage 5 ( AS and A2 level).

AS year 12 students study 2 exam units for; each exam unit consists of 2 essays.

  • Unit 1 Historical Themes in Breadth; Russia 1881-1924 & Equality in USA 1945-68
  • Unit 2 The Experience of Warfare; the Crimean War, 2nd Boer War and World War One.

A2 year 13 students study 2 units;

  • Unit 3 Superpower relations 1944-90 for a 2 hour exam.
  • Unit 4 Historical Enquiry; Roman Britain c.43AD-300AD; producing 2 researched essays marked by their course teacher.