Speaking languages gives you access to a whole new world; music, the Internet, cultural history, people you would never otherwise have met and a great way to start getting to know and understand other people better is by learning their language.

There are three things it is important to remember about languages:

It is a multilingual world – not everyone speaks English. In fact, 94% of the world does not speak English as their first language and 75% of the world does not speak English at all.

A little language can make a lot of difference. You do not have to be fluent and even basic phrases make a real difference in all types of work. Many think that the only jobs available for language students are in translation, interpreting and teaching but this is not true. There are many opportunities in a huge range of industries and some knowledge of a foreign language is much in demand, as employers seek those capable of communicating with foreign customers or visitors.

Languages improve the quality of your life and your understanding of how other people live and think. Learning languages will broaden your horizons and opportunities in the workplace, including increased opportunities for travel, promotion and better salaries.

 The Modern Languages Department aims to develop students' ability to understand and communicate effectively in the foreign language, acquire language learning skills and develop an understanding of how a language works, as well as encourage enjoyment and provide a basis for further study of French, German and other foreign languages.


Key Stage Three

Students study French and German at KS3

Year 7

French –  Book project (Transition project with the primary feeder schools), family, description and personality, school subjects and opinions, hobbies, likes and dislikes, Francophonie, where I live, my home, film.

German – Greetings, numbers, age and birthday, countries and where you live, school items, subjects and opinions, time, food and drink at school, uniform, school life, family and pets, appearance and character, sports and hobbies, favourite things, arranging to go out, my town.

Year 8

French –  Jobs, my town, weather, typical day, free time, last weekend, TV programmes and opinions, making arrangements, clothes and shopping, food and drink, eating out, preparing for a party, countries and languages, holidays, past holidays, friends and pocket money.

German – Weather, past holidays, accommodation, opinions, winter holidays, future holidays, time, last weekend activities, invitations and going out, parts of the body and illness, healthy eating, sports and training, TV programmes and opinions, films.