Chipping Norton employs 130 staff – 60 teachers and slightly more support staff. We are proud of the quality of these staff and the excellent working relationship between the teaching and support staff. The school is committed to the professional development of all staff and the school runs a full and comprehensive professional development programme.

A Pastoral Committee of Heads of Year, chaired by the Deputy Headteacher, meets regularly and is the forum for discussing all matters relating to student welfare and development. A parallel Heads of Department group is the forum for discussion of all teaching and learning matters. Representatives of both groups meet regularly with the school Leadership Team to forge strategy and practice. Regular department and tutor team meetings take place during each term.

Each Head of Department and Head of Year takes part in reviewing student progress and developing improvement plans. All staff are fully involved in the planning and decision making process, and regular meetings are held. Each department has a link with a member of the Leadership Team.

All staff can be contacted through the main office email: office.4010@chipping-norton.oxon.sch or by calling Morag Robinson on 01608 642007